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Building a

A growing fishing fleet spawned a community of grocers and shopkeepers who supported the industry and fed the neighborhood. 


Generations of families grew and assimilated into the community of “Americans” all while still retaining the traditions and faith of their ancestors before them.


The traditions and Faith of their ancestors remained at the core of the family. Just as the physical needs of shelter and food were met as the immigrant families became successful and prospered, so was the the spiritual growth fostered when the parish of Our Lady of the Rosary was established by Father Sylvester Rabagliati.


Faith of our Fathers

On the corner of Date & Columbia… the tiny house would grow to become the religious center of Little Italy.

Fr. Sylvester Rabagliati

Fr. Vito Pilolla

Msgr. Joseph Trivisono

A community founded in faith… Over successive generations, our priests have encouraged and led the parish to honor their traditions

Fr. Stephen Grancini

Fr. Joseph Tabigue

Fr. Louis Solcia

Fr. Albino Vicena

Dcn. Stephen O’Riordan

A pilgrim church founded by immigrants to bring the Faith of their fathers to a new land continues to minister to the faith community, celebrating the Blessed Sacraments for new generations. 

Celebrations of Faith

of Traditions

Preserving our future…

In 2019 a multi-million dollar restoration effort began funded by the families of the parish to restore and preserve the original artwork and structure, refurbish pews, and floors and install HVAC. Over $2.5 Million was raised thanks to the generosity of the Parish Family.

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